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Robert Burbidge is a professional composer and producer from the North West of England.

Initially classically trained, as an orchestral member he’s performed at prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall; he went on to work with brass and jazz bands before becoming a respected session trumpeter, playing live over a Louie Vega and Plump DJs set.

His passion for sound and creativity led him to establishing the collective known as Rubberlips, directing locally sourced talent and collaborating and recording with prominent figures within the contemporary electronic music scene.


Robert’s arrangements embrace influences from across the musical landscape, yet he designs and creates a sound that also gestures to the present and the future; an approach reflected in his selection of live instrumentation and cutting-edge software. Skilled production techniques combined with an artistic desire and drive, allow for a sound full of depth, texture, and an all-important groove to emerge.

Robert is currently working on an album executively produced by Sylvia Massy, renowned for her work with Prince, Johnny Cash and the Red Hot Chili Peppers; also in collaboration with Day, a singer/songwriter who uses multimedia content to create immersive worlds of sound and vision. Testament once again to Robert’s highly regarded musicianship and curiosity for forward-thinking experimentation within the studio. The album promises lush, cinematic soundscapes through Robert’s signature skills combining live instruments and electronic beats.

To discuss booking Robert for your future studio-based music projects, soundtracks, remixing or collaborations please email

dance floor grinder remix radio edit

HOTDIGIT042 Andy Buchan – Out All Nite (Rubberlips Remix) preview

Special thanks to Randy Martin on Bass.

Future Unit – Lazy Bones – Ramrock Red

The Rubberlips remix of ‘Lazy Bones’ is currently featured on an EP alongside house legend Ashley Beedle’s remix.

BBC introducing Rip Tangent Rubberlips Remix Feat Day and AOH


Trapped Out

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